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"When you’re in the position I’m in, you have two options: you can either shut yourself off from everybody, from the world, and not live a full life. Or you welcome everybody into your life and occasionally somebody will try to take advantage. And I’d much rather be that person who lets people in.” (Daniel Radcliffe photographed by Ernest Doroszuk)

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    you know that a boy who likes boys is a dead boy, unless
                                he keeps his mouth shut, which is what you
                                                                           didn’t do,
                    because you are weak and hollow and it doesn’t matter anymore. (x)

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grandma’s surgery went really well. she’s still in the hospital but was moved down from ICU earlier today and will probably not be discharged until monday or tuesday earliest, unless she has a miraculous recovery over the next few days.  this was day three of being at the hospital from morning to night, going on day four tomorrow, and i have to tell you that three things keeping me going right now are (in order): knowing and helping ensure that my grandma is getting the best care possible, dunkin donuts coffee, and the idea of being able to binge watch and read everything from comic-con when i finally have steady internet access

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i miss harry potter i miss midnight book release parties i miss reading until i physically can’t stay awake any longer i miss the anticipation for the next story i miss midnight movie premieres i miss dressing up sweater tie cloak and all for the midnight movie premieres i miss the WB logo zooming in to hedwig’s theme i miss crying with 400 other fans in the theater over character deaths I MISS HARRY POTTER SO FUCKING MUCH i’ll never be okay again

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